About Us
The Institute has a tradition both in the operation of cryogenic plants and active low temperature research extending over many decades. Dr.M.W.Travers FRS- a student of Lord Ramsay-the first Director of IISc during 1909-1914 was instrumental in bringing the first Liquid Air Plant to IISc. After the world war II, a 25 liters/hour liquid air plant was installed by the Department of Physics in the year 1959 after making considerable in-house modifications. This plant served as the backbone of low temperature research till Philips Liquid Nitrogen plants were installed in the early 70's. In view of the growing needs of the cryogenic support for R & D activities in the Institute as well as in the national perspective, the Central Cryogenic Facility (CCF) was established in 1971 as a unit under Department of Physics. After attaining the independent status in 1990, the Central Cryogenic Facility was transformed into "Centre for Cryogenic Technology" (CCT) in 1999.

The Centre is currently involved with two different activities namely

  • Production and supply of cryogenic fluids ( liquid nitrogen and liquid helium)
  • Research works in various fields of cryogenic engineering