Ongoing R & D Projects
  • Calibration of cryogenic temperature sensors Calibration of temperature sensors (LPSC,ISRO)

  • Development of helium recondensation system based on 2 stage pulse tube cryocoolers (DAE)

  • Development of thermoacoustically driven pulsetube refrigerators for Natural Gas Liquefaction (CSIR)

  • Effects of cryotreatment on the mechanical properties of metals (STC).

  • Experimental studies characterization of adsorbers down to 4.2K for development of cryosorption pumps at IPR (BRFST)

  • Investigation of the performance of linear motor pressure wave generator along with pulse tube cooler (STC)

  • Thermoacoustic Pulse Tube Refrigerator operating down to 100K (STC)

  • Zero helium loss magnet cryostat using hybrid cryocoolers (DST)