In the coming years, Centre for Cryogenic Technology will operationalise the new liquid helium liquefier and the associated sub systems. This will enable Centre for Cryogenic Technology to meet the increasing demands of liquid helium in the years to come and also for many future experiments.

Research work in the area of cryocoolers such as pulse tube, Joule Thomson (JT) and mixed JT microcoolers etc., will be persuaded in the years to come. Works in the area of pulse tube coolers will be directed towards recondensation of liquid helium. Other areas of research that will be persuaded are 1. Thermo acoustic prime movers and refrigerators. 2. Adsorption studies at cryogenic temperature. 3. Cryogenic instrumentation and systems.

Centre for Cryogenic Technology has established already the temperature sensor calibration facility which is being used extensively. On similar lines, Centre for Cryogenic Technology will be setting up an experimental facility for thermal conductivity measurements and the facility for the measurement of thermo mechanical properties.

In the years to come, Centre for Cryogenic Technology will strive to be a model for both as a cryogenic facility as well as a Centre to carry out state of the art cryogenic research.